Authenticate using Hypr mobile app.

The Hypr authenticator allows for one scenario:

  • Starting Hypr on the same device or other device by entering a userID.

On successful authentication, this parameter will be added to the request sent to the connected pipe:

  • username  - The userID


Name Description Default value Mandatory
idpID The internal identifier of the idp used N/A Yes
pipeID ID of the pipe to be executed on successful authentication N/A Yes
samlAuthMethod The value to be set in the AuthnContextClassRef of the SAML assertion urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:XMLDSig No
access_token Access token value to be able to authorize PAS against the Hypr endpoint. N/A Yes
hyprURL The root URL of the Hypr tenant backend. N/A Yes
loginTemplate Template used for rendering the user facing UI hypr.template No
templateVariables Parameters to control the GUI rendering. N/A Yes
appId The appID for the Hypr tenant. N/A Yes

Example Configuration

		"id": "5826d912-737e-4c5c-bb52-7c3da1d142d1",
		"alias": "hypr",
		"name": "SAML2Hypr",
		"displayName": "Hypr",
		"configuration": {
			"pipeID": "0f80ec8d-9de9-49a9-b9ca-0f256bf2a96c",
			"idpID": "87a7a32e-eeaa-4dc3-80f4-8c91c89f6404",
			"access_token": "xxxxxyyyy-zzzzzwwwwww-faaderd",
			"hyprURL": "",
			"appId": "app_phenixid_test",
			"loginTemplate": "hypr.template",
			"translation": [
			"templateVariables": {
				"methods": [
						"title": "hypr.messages.option_label_od",
						"image": "/authenticate/res/images/icons/phenixid.png",
						"data-toggle-action": "OD"
		"created": "2021-01-20 18:16:31.46"


  • Hypr tenant URL value
  • Hypr access_token value
  • Hypr appID value
  • PAS must be able to communicate with the Hypr URL
  • Hypr app activated for test user