Valve to construct a json array with organizations. The organizations array will be set in a property called organization.

This valve is normally used in combination (executed after) BolagsverketEngagemangLookupValve and BolagsverketRollLookupValve

This valve is NOT shipped with the product. Please download and install first.

Included in the download is also an api output filter for proper json formatting on the json array organizations, when calling the pipe through the authentication api.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion.

Example Configuration

				"name": "BolagsverketPropertySetOrganizationStructureValve",
				"config": {


- Item

- These item properties (multivalue) must be present: organization_number, organization_name, organization_type_code, organization_rollintyg_id, organization_firmatecknare