Used when there are multiple authentication possibilities.  The dispatcher will,  based on incoming data, select the appropriate route the user to the correct authentication. 

The first authenticator with a matching expression will be selected.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
idpID The internal identifier of the idp used N/A Yes
mapping An array of mapping rules used to determine which authenticator should handle the incoming request. Matching rules contains of java script expressions. N/A Yes

Example Configuration

    "alias": "samldispatch",
    "name": "Dispatch",
    "configuration": {
        "idpID": "idp",
        "mapping": [{
                "epxression": "!request.getParameter('remoteAddress').startsWith('192.168.1')",
                "authenticator": "auth1"
                "epxression": "request.getParameter('remoteAddress').startsWith('192.168.1')",
                "authenticator": "auth2"


One or more SAML authenticator configured.