Using the document API to initiate a Signing workflow order

This article describes how to use the document API to initiate a Signing workflow order.

Use case

The purpose of this function is to initiate a signing workflow order with an already attached document (pdf).

This is useful when the signing order initiator works with a document in an external application and would like to start a signing order on the current document.

API usage

  1. Send the document (PDF) to Signing Workflow using the document API. This will return an order ID.
  2. Redirect the browser to https://<signing-workflow-host>:<port>/sign/create/Document-Signing/?fileuid=<order id>
  3. The end user must now authenticate to the Signing Workflow application. (The recommended solution is to use the same Identity Provider to login to the application AND Signing workflow - this will make Single-Sign On feasible)
  4. The Signing Workflow order is presented with the PDF attached. The end user now continues with selecting signer(s) of the document etc.