Release notes

Signing Workflow v1.2.2 Release Notes

* Bugfixes

  - Fixes bug that prevented configuration of value on SAML attribute indicating SOLICITOR authority. Configurations using the default value is not affected by this bug.
Signing Workflow v1.2.1 Release Notes

* Bugfixes

  - Makes changes to email templates recognized by the server
Signing Workflow v1.2.0 Release Notes

* Tweaks

  - Aligned left on email template for stockholmstad

  - Upgrades frontend project 1.0.46 -> 1.0.48

  - Settings/theme file updated for stockholmstad

  - Changed the favicon to simple blue version

  - Fixed the same email template layout for the completed event

  - Updated texts

  - Added Windows installation scripts
Signing Workflow v1.1.0 Release Notes

* Features

  - Web Session timeout configurable

  - Value of Solicitor authority attribute configurable