Extract information about signatures in PDF.

Valve operates on a single item.

Fix for TSA signature validation (only for version 4.0.x).

Please replace the file "StatusReport.class" according to instructions:


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
sourceDataAttribute Item property containing the PDF. Yes No

Example Configuration

    "name": "PDFSignatureStatusValve",
    "enabled": "true",
    "config": {
         "pdfSource": "{{item.temporary}}"

The valve will produce an item property, pdfreport, which contains a json object with the following json properties:

  • changedaftersigning - Flag indicating if the pdf was changed after signing (true/false)
  • signatures - array of object, one per signature, containing these properties:
    • who - Signer subject CN
    • when - Signing date-time
    • intact - Signing intact, ie correct (true/false)


PhenixID Signing Service installed.