Authenticate users with a QR-code or on the same device using PhenixID One Touch.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
pipeID The pipe to be executed after confirming the assignment. Empty for skipping this step. No
idpID Id of the pipe used to issue the SAML assertion Yes
issuer The issuer of the One Touch certificate. Yes
login_template_name Login form template (html). anonymousassignment.template No
assignment_template_name Assignment template shown in the One Touch App. ot_anonymous_auth_template.json No
poll_intervall Number of milliseconds to wait between each poll for confirmed assignment. 1000 No
max_polls Max number of polls for confirmed assignment to perform before timing out. 60 No
allowLanguageChange Enable or disable the option to choose language. No
samlAuthMethod What value is set in the AuthnContextClassRef. urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:TLSClient No
selector_title_translation_key The key of the selector title displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.selector.title No
selector_body_translation_key The key of the selector body displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.selector.body No
poll_title_translation_key The key of the poll page title displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.poll.title No
scanqr_body_translation_key The key of the scan qr page body displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.scanqr.body No
confirm_body_translation_key The key of the confirm page body displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.confirm.body No
rejected_body_translation_key The key of the rejected page body displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.rejected.body No
timeout_body_translation_key The key of the timeout page body displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.timeout.body No
error_body_translation_key The key of the error page body displayed on the webpage login.anonymousassignment.error.body No
method_same_device_enabled Enables authentication on the same device (App switching) false No
method_same_device_icon The icon displayed for same device authentication No
method_same_device_translation_key The translation key for same device authentication login.anonymousassignment.same_device No
method_other_device_enabled Enables authentication on other device (QR-code scanning) false No
method_other_device_icon The icon displayed for other device authentication No
method_other_device_translation_key The translation key for other device authentication login.anonymousassignment.other_device No

Example Configuration

    "alias" : "ot",
    "id" : "myauthenticator",
    "name" : "SAMLAnonymousAssignmentAuthenticator",
    "configuration" : {
         "pipeID" : "mypipe",
         "idpID" : "myidp",
         "issuer" : "Company ab",
         "allowLanguageChange" : "true",
         "max_polls" : "100",
         "poll_interval" : "2000",
         "method_same_device_icon":"same-device.png"                "method_other_device_enabled":"true",

         "login_template_name" :  
         "assignment_template_name" : 


  • One Touch backend configured.
  • One Touch activated by the authenticating user.