Release notes

Signing Workflow 2.1.0

New features

Configuration option to allow signers to download completed documents. See How to configure extended signer notifications

Confirmation dialog with optional message added for order cancellation.


Improved session timeout handling with a prompt to login when the session expires. See Configuration reference

Improved API response message on 40X return codes. See Automation API

Improved error message when exceeding the maximum size of PDF documents. See Configuration reference

Improved due date handling, it is now possible to change the date to next day.

Information for document download improved with a clear indication that the document is no longer available for download. See Document management

A comma is no longer allowed in mail addresses when creating orders.

Bug fixes

Correct the spelling for property "smtp.client.hostname" as the property should be without space. See Configuration reference

Upgrade notes

OpenAPI documentation updated, clients using the Automation API needs to be reviewed. See

The log4j2.xml file is now created at initial installations.

Make sure Java is used if not using the installer at upgrade.