Configuration of SAML ticket for solicitor role

This document describes how to configure the authority attribute to define the user role in Signing Workflow.

Signing Workflow has one role called solicitor. The solicitor role is allowed to create new Signing Workflow errands and assign the errand to multiple requested signers.

Non-solicitors are able to login to Signing Workflow. They will only see the Signing Workflow errands where they are part of the list of requested signers.

Find expected attribute name and value for SAML attribute

  1. Open config.json in a text editor.
  2. Locate the saml->attributes->authority setting. The value is the expected SAML attribute name. Example:
    "saml": { 
        "attributes": {
          "authority": "employeetype",
  3. Locate the ...  (If not present, the SAML attribute value expected is role:solicitor) Example.
    "saml": { 
        "roles": {
          "solicitor": "SOLICITOR"

Configure Identity Provider

Configure your Identity Provider based on above name and value. Add the logic around when this attribute should be set (according to group membership for example).