I some scenarios it might be necessary to customize the shipped authenticator template. 

Customizations can be placed outside of the default path, which is located in the authenticator module, to make sure the customizations are untouched after a product upgrade.

Please note that the only supported templates are the ones shipped with the product version! PhenixID can not guarantee the functionality if customizations are made in the template.

The functionality of the authenticator will therefore have to be properly tested when an product upgrade is made!


  • Create a folder for your custom templates, such as "C:\Program Files\PhenixID\Server\overlay\auth-http\files\templates".
  • Put your customized templates in the newly created templates folder.
  • Read in the documentation how the specified authenticator is configured.
  • Reference your customized template by editing the authenticator configuration.


    "id" : "f61285c0-83b8-46dd-89a8-30622eaaa3cb",
    "alias" : "up",
    "name" : "PostUidAndPasswordSAML",
    "displayName" : "up",
    "configuration" : {
      "pipeID" : "9cae2fa6-d4ba-47ae-926c-c3dce934e2f4",
      "idpID" : "ecf0378c-d28a-426d-893e-4cafb4ac7824",
      "loginTemplate" : "C:/Program Files/PhenixID/Server/overlay/auth-http/files/templates/custom-login.template"
    "created" : "2020-12-14 14:33:04.089"
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