License validation

Validation of license is done in two stages. Locally and centrally.


When the server starts it validates the license file provided at installation.  If the expiry date set in the file has passed, the server tries to communicate with the central validation service, PCS.

If allowed the server asks the central license validation service if it is allowed to continue. If yes all is good. If no system will log events instructing admins about this.

Failing to comunicate

If failing to communicate with PCS events will be logged and the server will try again within 24 hours.

License expired

Once every 24 hours, the server will contact PCS service for license validation.  If the license has expired, an event will be logged and the server will try again after 24 hours.

After 7 consecutive license expiry events, the server will shut down some of its functions. After functions have been shut down the only way to restore long-term functionality reboot the node after replacing the current license file or extending usage date in PCS database.

This must be done to all nodes in the cluster.

Turning online verification off

Online verification can be turned off.

In the boot.json add :

"allowonlinelicensecheck": "true" to the top level of the document.

Note that license updates now MUST be done by replacing the license file manually.