Cluster authentication service


PhenixID Server version 4.0 installed on two machines.


When setting up a PhenixID cluster, two service will be involved:
PhenixID Service (clustering of sessions and configuration)
PhenixID Database service (clustering of the database)

This document will cover configuration of the PhenixID authentication service cluster.
More information about database cluster in this document:
If upgrading from earlier version, please use this document:

Configuration of PhenixID authentication service cluster

The PhenixID service should now have been installed on two nodes as standalone.

To configure the PAS cluster, edit the file /classes/cluster.xml.
Enable the clustering by changing/adding the following:

  • Set "<tcp-ip enabled="false">" and  <interfaces enabled="false"> to true.
  • Add the section "member-list" to the "tcp-ip"  section and add the ip address of the second node.
  • Add the local ip address to "public-address",  "interface" in tcp-ip and "interfaces".

See example below.
When done, save the file.
Do not start the service until all configuration has been done.

        <port auto-increment="false" port-count="1">5701</port>
            Allowed port range when connecting to other nodes.
            0 or * means use system provided port.
            <tcp-ip enabled="true">
            <multicast enabled="false"></multicast>
            <aws enabled="false"></aws>
        <interfaces enabled="true">
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When done on both nodes, sessions and PAS configuration will be clustered between the nodes.
Verify the log at first startup, making sure that the nodes are communicating correctly.