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Open ID discovery - com.phenixidentity~phenix-oidc-discovery

The com.phenixidentity~phenix-oidc-discovery module allows for automatic discovery of remote OIDC OP.  It also provide functionality for verifying signatures when acting as an OIDC RP.

Basic information

Configured remote are fetched at startup and recognised OP issuers along with corresponding jwks_uri.


Description Mandatory
Name of the module Yes
id Unique id of the module Yes
how ofter to reload from remote url. Default value 3600000  (millis).  Introduced in version 4.2 No
 "name": "com.phenixidentity~phenix-oidc-discovery",
 "id": "oidcdiscovery"
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Adding a discovery endpoint

In the advanced view in in the configuration UI under the "bucket" OIDCDISCOVERY add object:

    "id" : "disco_url_1",
    "url" : "http_to_endpoint (.well-known)"
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After adding the entry referencing is then done through the internal id.