PhenixID server ships with lots of functionality. Many functions are exposed through the web based config UI but just as much are not. In this article you will get a brief run through on the built in functions. If any of the functions mentioned seems particularly interesting and you would like to receive more information, contact PhenixID support.

A full set of use cases can be found on the PhenixID Products pages,

Multi-factor authentication

It is common knowledge that passwords are not strong enough to protect company data. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides the strength of security needed to protect your environment. By leveraging something the user already has, PhenixID MFA enables a seamless and cost effective solution.


PhenixID Federation Service provides a solution to use a single point of authentication. End users will need to login only once (SSO, Single-Sign-On) using a strong authentication method and get access to all their applications.

PhenixID server ships with advanced SAML2 capabilities. Identity Provider, Service Provider and SAML brokering scenarios are all common use cases.


Scheduled identity management

PhenixId server ships with a schedule engine. Basically any IAM related task can be preformed at any time.

  • Creating users
  • Deleting user
  • Provision user data
  • Creating reports
  • Etc


A number of functions are exposed through a HTTP API interface. As a developer, PhenixID server can be used in numerous cases

  • Pull data from one or more data stores
  • General CRUD operations within the IAM context
  • Handle almost any kind of authentication, including PhenixID MFA adapter for Microsoft ADFS
  • As a session store (PhenixID server has been tested with 1 000 0000 simultaneous sessions)  
  • As an authorisation mechanism
  • Etc...