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PhenixID Signing Services and PDF files compliancy


This document describes which PDF files can be signing by PhenixID Signing Services.

PDF versions

All PDF files from version 1.3 and above are supported.

View this link for more information about PDF versions.

PDF ISO formats

PDFs may adher to ISO formats such as PDF/A, PDF/UA or PDF/X.

All ISO formats that supports electronic signatures (PDF formats PDF/X and PDF/VT do not) are supported by PhenixID Signing Services.

For more information about PDF ISO formats, please view this link.

PDF Document properties

The PDF document must allow signing.

Encrypted / password-protected documents

Using PADESSignValve only

If PhenixID Signing Services is configured to use PADESSignValve (without a leading AddImageToPDFValve), the encrypted / protected document must have Signing = Allowed (see above)

Using AddImageToPDFValve or PADESSignVisibleSignatureValve

Usage of these valves requires editing (change) of the document, hence they cannot be applied on encrypted / password-protected PDF documents.