Font and truncation of text, on Visual signatures page

This article will describe how to change font and use truncation on the signature page.

When making changes to the configuration, please make sure to have backup of the file/files.


A "Visual signatures page" can be added to the signed PDF using "PADESSignVisibleSignatureValve" in the flow.
The font of the text on this page can be changed and the text can also be truncated if needed.

NOTE: This functionality was introduced in PAS version 4.3.


Configuration for these two settings are made in the startup files for PAS:
/bin/ on Linux and /bin/*.vmoptions on Windows.

To change default font, set java option:
Default is embedded non systemfont,  “Poppins_Medium“.

To enable text truncation, set java option:
Default value -1 indicates NO truncation.
Above example will truncate after 80 characters.

A restart of the service is required for the changes to take affect.