Installing on Linux

This document gives an overview of how to install Signing Workflow on Linux.


This document is written for system administrators.


- Internet access from the server (during the installation phase)

- Downloaded the Signing Workflow application (signing-workflow-phenixid-<version>-tar.gz) from


A single instance of the PhenixID server will require a minimum of 5 GB of drive space and 2 GB of RAM. This setup will be sufficient for installations up to 10 000 users. 4GB of RAM is recommended for installations with
 10 000-100 000 users. Please contact PhenixID support for larger installations.

PhenixID Server is not CPU intensive; one CPU should work for most scenarios.


Install Java

Install Zulu-JDK for your Linux version using this binary and documentation:

Signing Workflow

  1. Uncompress the tar.gz-file to any folder of your need, for example /opt/phenixid/
  2. Rename the folder "digo" to "signingworkflow"

Post Installation

Please continue with the post-installation tasks that are described in a separate document which can be found here.