Event logging

This is a preview feature, the API can change in future releases. Use for test and feedback.

The system is build around a persistent, append-only event log. Each operation that changes the system produces an event. 

Besides being logged persistently in the database, the log is also printed to file or console. The output is formatted according to the Common Event Format (CEF) standard.

Control the log output with the com.phenixidentity.digo.vertx.core.logging.cef.CefHandler logger in the Log4j2 configuration file. By default, the event log is printed to the file logs/events.log.

Below is a list of all available events:

No.  Name.                   Description.
131  DOCUMENT_CREATED        A document created

114  DOCUMENT_DELETED        Document metadata has been 
                             deleted from the database.

130  DOCUMENT_EXPIRED        A document reached expiry 
                             (eligible for retention)

1    LOGIN_CREATED           A new login created (first time 

105  ORDER_ACCEPTED          An order accepted (all signers 
                             have signed)

109  ORDER_CANCELED          A solicitor canceled the order

115  ORDER_CREATED           An order created

129  ORDER_DELETED           An order has been deleted from 
                             the database

120  ORDER_DOCUMENT_UPDATED  An order was assigned a new 

110  ORDER_DUE_DATE_UPDATED  The due date of an order was 

128  ORDER_DUE_DATE_UPDATED  The due date of an order was 

108  ORDER_EXPIRED           An order reached expiry without 
                             being accepted

107  ORDER_REJECTED          A signer rejected the order

106  ORDER_SIGNED            A signature added to an order

127  SENDING_EMAIL           The system about to send email

126  SESSION_STARTED         A user logged in

124  USER_ALERT              A user marked as reminded

131  USER_ANONYMIZED         User data anonymized

124  USER_STATE_CHANGED      A user marked as notified