Release notes

Signing Workflow 2.2.0

Important changes

  • Default settings for SMTP configurations have been adjusted for improved security:
           "smtp": {
                 "client": {      
                     "login": "REQUIRED",  
                     "ssl": true,      
                     "starttls": "REQUIRED",      
                     "trustAll": false  
  • Default value for signingOrders.usePdfAFlavours is now [ "PDFA_1_A" ] 
    This means that other flavors of PDF/A will be rejected. Set this value to an empty array [] to allow all PDF/A flavors. This was the previous default value.

New features


  • Text labels have been aligned to use the same terminology across the application. General information: Configuration using a custom overlay folder
  • Supporting config override using more config files or environment variables

Bug fixes

  • Fix for overview columns configuration. See Selecting Approvers
  • Editing expire date manually now selects the correct date

Upgrade notes