Configure the admin role

This document describes how to configure an admin role.

Signing Workflow has a role called admin. The admin role extends the solicitor role to allow the admin to handle orders for other solicitors.

After the user has been upgraded to an admin new sections are presented in the UI.

Setting up the SAML attribute

Locate and change the role from "role:solicitor" to "role:admin".

The "role:admin" string can be changed in the "config/config.json" file:

  "saml": {
    "roles": {
      "admin": "role:admin"

Permissions for an admin user

The admin user can handle pending and completed orders created by other solicitors. Note that the admin is also a solicitor and can create orders as usual but not in the name of other solicitors.

Custom UI for admin

The color of the dashboard cards can be changed by adding an admin object to the palette in “overlay/settings/theme.json” 

  "palette": {
    "admin": {
      "light": "#7c9fc7",
      "main": "#A8BCD4",
      "dark": "#9CAFC4",
      "contrastText": "#283B55"

For more details on how to customize, please see Getting started with custom styling

Special usage notes for admins

The admin views has been extended with filters to simplify searching in a larger amount of orders. When using the filters the possibility to sort is disabled.

The number of orders in the view for completed orders is also reduced automatically when the filter is active by hiding any orders that has expired and the document can not be downloaded.