The system can be configured to send out email notifications to order solicitors and signers. 

Sending notifications

Notification, reminders and warning emails are sent in batches. Batch size, delays and frequencies can be configured, see Configuration reference.

Notifications contains some informational message and a link, pointing to the Workflow server. 

Each order has the property linkType, that determines the link action.

Link type Link action
0 After authentication the user will be directed to the Workflow UI, where she can choose an order to sign or reject.
1 After authentication the user will be directed directly to the Signing Service, where the document is displayed and the user can choose to sign. After signing the document, the user will be directed back to the Workflow UI.

Note: the property linkType has default value 0. Currently, linkType can only be set when using the Automation API to create orders.

Downloading files

When an order has been signed by all selected signers, the order solicitor is notified with an email. The email contains a link that can be configured in two different ways.

This feature is governed by the configuration parameter notifications.downloadLink (true/false). By default, the direct download option is enabled.

downloadLink Link action

Link to the order view in the Workflow app. This means that the solicitor, after login, is redirected to the web application app where she can choose to click a button to download the file

true (default)

Link directly to file download. This means that the solicitor will be prompted to login, after which the file will be downloaded directly, without presenting the web application