Authenticate using Siths EID (card or app). 

Siths EID internal authenticator allows for two different scenarios:

  • Starting Siths EID on the same device.
  • Starting Siths EID using a QR code. 

Every method needs to be activated through configuration.

On successful authentication, these parameters will be added to the request sent to the connected pipe:

  • userPersonalNumber  - The end user personal number (SSID)
  • userCertificate  - The full user certificate (PEM formatted)


Name Description Default value Mandatory
pipeID ID of the pipe to be executed on successful authentication N/A Yes
sithseidURL The root URL of the Siths EID Backend. N/A Yes
successURL Location where to go after a successful SithsEid authentication N/A No
keyStore ID of the key store used to communicate with Siths eid backend N/A Yes
organizationName The header text to be displayed in the Siths Eid client during authentication. N/A Yes
rfc2253Issuers List of trusted SITHS eID issuers. [ "CN=TEST SITHS e-id Person HSA-id 3 CA v1,O=Inera AB,C=SE", "CN=TEST SITHS e-id Person ID 3 CA v1,O=Inera AB,C=SE", "CN=TEST SITHS e-id Person ID Mobile CA v1,O=Inera AB,C=SE", "CN=CGI Test Root CA,OU=Test,O=CGI,ST=Jamtland,C=SE", "CN=SITHS Type 1 CA v1,O=Inera AB,C=SE", "CN=SITHS Type 1 CA v1 PP,O=Inera AB,C=SE" ] No
checkRevocation Used to check revocation status on the SITHS eID token. true No
enhancedAuthentication Enhanced authentication flag. true No
loginTemplate Template used for rendering the user facing UI sithseid.template No
templateVariables Options used for showing/hiding BankID methods (On this device, On Other Device, Scan QR code). No
translation A JSON Array of custom translation keys No

Example Configuration



  • A Siths Eid key store issued by an authorized issuer
  • PAS IP address whitelisted to be able to communicate with the siths eid backend URL
  • Siths eid client with enrolled user certificate
  • Siths eid backend URL SSL certificate (for https) ca:s added to cacerts trust store.