Authenticate using BankID. Depending on the method used the user may need to enter the personal number. 

BankID authenticator allows for three different scenarios:

  • Starting BankID on the same device.
  • Starting BankID on another device.
  • Starting BankID using a QR code. 

Every method needs to be activated through configuration.

Translate userVisibleData by adding keyword "bankid.translated.userVisibleData" to this field and update language files with the keyword and translations.  


Name Description Default value Mandatory
pipeID The pipe executed after a successful BankID authentication N/A Yes
successURL Location where to after a successful BankID authentication N/A No
keyStore ID of the keystore used t ocommunicate with BankID bankend N/A Yes
mode If connecting to BankID test backend set this value to "test". N/A No
loginTemplate Template used for rendering the user facing UI bankid.template No
client_ip_request_param The parameter of the http client request holding the value of the requesting client remoteAddress No
translation A JSON Array of custom translation keys No
templateVariables Options used for showing/hiding BankID methods (On this device, On Other Device, Scan QR code). No
includeQueryString On a successful authentication, should the data from the original query be added when redirecting the client false No
sessionValues When rendering template, the template can pull data from from the session. For more int see: Use of sessionValues parameter on HTTP authenticator No
userVisibleData Text shown in bankid client when user is authenticating No
allowLanguageChange should the user be able to change the language in the UI true No
icon The default 'icon' in the templte. Not to be confused with favicon res/images/backgrounds/transparent.png No
useRedirectUrl Whether or not redirect url should be provided when launching the bankid application for ios users. true No

Example Configuration

        "id": "bid",
        "alias": "bid",
        "name": "BankID",
        "configuration": {
            "pipeID": "pipeBID",
            "keyStore": "bankidkeystore",
            "password": "qwerty123",
            "mode": "test",
            "successURL": "/selfservice/",
            "enableHoneypot": "true",
            "loginTemplate": "bankid.template",
            "userVisibleData": "bankid.translated.userVisibleData",            "translation": [
            "templateVariables": {
                "cancel_href": "/bid/authenticate/logout/bid/?nextTarget=/bid/authenticate/bid/",
                "methods": [
                        "title": "bankid.messages.option_label_od",
                        "image": "/authenticate/res/images/icons/phenixid-bankid.png",
                        "data-toggle-action": "OD"
                        "title": "bankid.messages.option_label_sd",
                        "image": "/authenticate/res/images/icons/phenixid-bankid.png",
                        "data-toggle-action": "SD"
                        "title": "bankid.messages.option_label_qr",
                        "image": "/authenticate/res/images/icons/phenixid-bankid-qr.png",
                        "data-toggle-action": "QR"


  • A BankID key store issued by an authorized issuer
  • The user must have activated BankID prior to authenticating