OneTouch for specific user

This guide scenario will create an authenticator that uses PhenixID OneTouch to authenticate a user within an authentication sequence. Make sure you have completed the guide scenario "System -- OneTouch" prior to attempting this scenario.

This authenticator is only used within an authentication sequence (see SequenceAuthenticator documentation), where the usernameAttribute is present in the sequence item.

Name and Description

Input the name and description of your authenticator scenario


Here you enter an alias for your authenticator, which is a more user friendly version of the authenticator's ID (which is a random, auto generated UUID string). 

Username attribute

Here you enter the attribute whose value will be used to start the OneTouch authentication. This is an attribute that should come from a pipe in a previous authenticator in the sequence. This will often be an LDAP attribute like "uid" or "sAMAccountName".

The result

Upon finishing the guide scenario, you will be met with an edit page where you can adjust additional settings. You can also see the "execution flow" tab where you can adjust the pipes and valves created in the scenario.