This guide scenario will create an authenticator that performs authentication in a sequence. You need to configure other authenticators prior to this one. The purpose of authenticating in a sequence might be to provide flexible MFA or Step-up authentication (combined with SSO in certain ways). 

In this example we will be focusing on a scenario that uses two authenticators in a sequence: Username & Password, and OneTouch (for the user resolved in the username & password authentication). 

Name and Description

Input the name and description of your authenticator scenario


Here you enter an alias for your authenticator, which is a more user friendly version of the authenticator's ID (which is a random, auto generated UUID string). 

Authenticators to include in the sequence

Here you select which authenticators you would like to include in the sequence. You may change the order later. In this example, we want the sequence to include "Username and password" authentication, and "OneTouch for specific user" authentication. 

The result

Upon finishing the guide scenario, you will be met with an edit page where you can adjust additional settings. In the "Execution Flow" tab you can see all authenticators you chose, change their order, delete them and add additional authenticators to the sequence.