Used acting authenticating to server-internal resources. 

Support "on same device" through app switching and "on other device" through QR code.

Only QR-code is available when using other device.  No user input required by the user. On the same device (mobile client) the pattern of "app switching" is used.

Read more about Freja eID and integration here:

and here regarding authentication:

The authenticator only handles Swedish and English localisation.

This will deprecate the  FrejaEIDAuthenticator authenticator.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
successURL Where to send the client after successfull authentication Yes
includeQueryString Should the originating query string be added when redirected. true/false FALSE no
pipeID Pipe to be executed after a successful authentication using Freja eID mobile. Yes
loginTemplate Name of the template used for rendering the frontend UI. frejaeid_v2.template No
keystoreId Id of the keystore to use when communicating with Freja eID backend server. Yes
mode Should communication be done to test or production Freja eID backend. Allowed values are 'test_personal','test_organisation','production_organisation' or 'production_personal'. production_personal No
max_polls How many polls should be done before consider the process timed out. 30 No
poll_interval Time between polls, in milliseconds. Note that tighter pollintervall adds strain to the system. 2000 No
attributesToGet The list of attributes to return from Freja eID ie the user data. Allowed values are BASIC_USER_INFO,EMAIL_ADDRESS,DATE_OF_BIRTH,ADDRESSES,SSN,ORGANISATION_ID_IDENTIFIER,DOCUMENT,PHOTO,REGISTRATION_LEVEL. When adding/changing data must be entered as a string seperated by comma. SSN No
reqiredRegistrationLevel Allowed values are BASIC, EXTENDED or PLUS. This is a single value string PLUS No

Example configuration

    "id": "freja",
    "alias": "freja",
    "name": "FrejaEIDInternalAuthenticator",
    "displayName": "Freja",
    "configuration": {
        "pipeID": "64452300-d25d-45ae-bd7a-a6cfb7f0e5e0",
        "idpID": "da35b801-9894-45b9-9d97-98c336ead5f0",
        "keystoreId": "c5e0b707-a297-420e-a741-08d3e25df1be",
        "mode": "test_personal",
        "attributesToGet": "EMAIL_ADDRESS,SSN"

Additional information

Only some of the information returned from Freja eID is available to the pipe when executing. 

If returned from Freja eID, the attributes are:

  • documentType
  • documentExpirationDate
  • documentCountry
  • documentSerialNumber
  • registrationLevel
  • photo
  • userPersonalNumber
  • userGivenName
  • userSurName
  • primaryMail
  • organisationIdIdentifier

The executing PIPE MUST return an item property named userName. It will be used as user identifier for the current session.

It may NOT be empty.


A keystore with a valid certificate is uploaded to the PAS server.

User enrolled for freja e-id.

Trusting the Freja backend HTTPS/TLS. This is not done by default.