Used to perform OneTouch authentication for a user defined in a previous step of a SequenceAuthenticator.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
usernameAttribute Which attribute's value in the sequence item should be used for the OneTouch assignment sAMAccountName Yes
notify Should user be notified using push. Note that push must be enabled if set to true true No
ot_push_message Message shown on the client when using push login.assignment.client.message.ot_push_message No
quick_mode_enabled Enables quick mode for this authenticator false No
quick_mode_category Specify the category for the quick mode buttons. These categories can be used: category_yes_no, category_ok_cancel or category_confirm_reject. category_ok_cancel No

Example Configuration

  "id" : "2487e92b-yyyy-qqqq-8337-ae93d5af4588",
  "alias" : "assignment",
  "name" : "AssignmentAgnostic",
  "displayName" : "Assignment",
  "configuration" : {
    "usernameAttribute" : "uid"


User must have OneTouch activated. Authenticator must be part of a SequenceAuthenticator flow.