Signs pdf document according to PADES requirements. Additionally, the valve adds a visual representation of the signature on the last page of the document. The valve adds a pdf page to the document IF there are no signatures present.  

Supports profiles B & LTA.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
keyStoreID Alias (certificateAlias) of the keystore used to sign. Yes Yes
pdfSourceData Location of the B64 encoded pdf data. Yes Yes
pdfTarget Name of the item attribute where to store the signed pdf document. No No
padesProfile allowed values are B or lta B No No
tsaUrl URL of the TSA to use. No No
signText Text to be visual in the pdf document signature No Yes
backDropImage The path to image used as backdrop for the signature. PNG is required. The backdrop image file must be added manually to the target folder. N/A Yes No
leftOffset Left spacing of the visual signature 0 No No
topOffset Off set from the top for where the first signature should be placed 0 No No
padding Space between signatures 0 No No
signingPage Used to override defualt signing page. path to a PDF document. The first page will be used as a the signing page. N/A No No
headingSignerText Used to override default text for the heading linked to the signer N/A No No
headingDateText Used to override default text for the heading linked to the signed date N/A No No
relaxRevocationIssuedTimestamp Will allow more relaxed verification of revocation timestamps. Valid values: "true"/"false" "false" No No

Example Configuration 1

      "name" : "PADESSignVisibleSignatureValve",
      "enabled" : "true",
      "config" : {
        "keyStoreID" : "824d48cc-070e-44fc-8367-e6702385b095",
        "pdfSourceData" : "{{item.b64}}",
        "backDropImage" : "resources/defaults/signature_1200x183.png",
        "signText" : "{{item.signText}}",
        "padesProfile" : "lta",
        "tsaUrl" : "",
        "topOffset" : "35",
        "leftOffset" : "35",
        "padding" : "5",
        "pdfTarget" : "document"

Example Configuration 2

				"name": "CreateShortTermKeyStoreValve",
				"enabled": "true",
				"config": {
					"subjectKeyParamater": "CN={{}} ({{request.method}}),o=phenixid",
					"caTemplateKeyParamater": "35edf55c-e5c3-4743-babc-a9905f49b127",
					"keyUsage": [
				"name": "PADESSignVisibleSignatureValve",
				"enabled": "true",
				"config": {
					"keyStoreID": "{{item.keyStoreId}}",
					"pdfSourceData": "{{item.temporary}}",
					"backDropImage": "/opt/PhenixID/Server/4_0_2/pdf_background/mall.png",
					"signText": "{{}} with {{request.method}}",
					"topOffset": "35",
					"leftOffset": "35",
					"padding": "5",
					"pdfTarget": "document"


  • The backdrop image should have the size of 1200x183. Use attached backdrop example.

Backdrop example