Cancel a pending BankID operation. 


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
bankid_keystore ID of the keystore to use setting up client authenticateion Yes No
mode Switch to communicate with bankid test or production environment. Set to test to target bankid test environment. production No No
version Sets the version of the bankid api to interact with "v5.1" No No
transactionID BankID transaction ID. Yes Yes
client_ip_request_param Parameter wher IP of the calling client is located. remoteAddress Yes Yes

Example Configuration

    "name": "BankIDCancelValve",
    "config": {
     "transactionID": "{{request.transactionID}}",
     "client_ip_request_param" : "{{request.clienip}}"


- Keystore (p12 format) file used to authenticate to BankID service stored on PhenixID Authentication Server.