Valve for performing a person lookup against Bolagsverket to fetch company engagements.

This valve works on an item with a property containing the user's personnummer and user's display name. After execution, three new items will be created, populated with values fetched from Bolagsverket:
- organization_number (multivalue, list of organization numbers)
- organization_name (multivalue, list of organization names)
- organization_type_code (multivalue, list of organization type codes (företagsformer))


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion.
keystore_path File path to p12 client certificate file. Yes No
keystore_password Keystore (p12) password. Yes No
endpoint_url Bolagetsverket endpoint URL. Defaults to Bolagsverket test environment endpoint url. No No
organization_nr_end_customer Organization number. Yes No
organization_display_name_end_customer Organization display name. Yes No
personnr_property_name Item property name containing the user's personnummer. Personnummer must be in format YYYYMMDDXXXX. Yes No
person_display_name_property_name Item property name containing the user's display name. Yes No
status_property_name Item property name that will be populated with the status of the lookup operation. bolagsverket_engagemang_status No No
foretags_former List of requested organization type codes (fretagsformer). AB,KB,BRF,HB,EK,E No No
service_name E-service (consumer) name. Yes
proceed_on_error If the bolagsverket api call fails for some reason (for example, when a user lacks engagements), the pipe will continue executing. false No No

Example Configuration

				"name": "BolagsverketEngagemangLookupValve",
				"config": {
					"keystore_path": "/opt/PhenixID/Server/4_3/keystore/bv.p12",
					"keystore_password": "abc123",
					"endpoint_url":          "",
					"personnr_property_name": "pnr",
					"person_display_name_property_name": "pname",
					"organization_display_name_end_customer": "X AB",
					"organization_nr_end_customer": "5569991010",
              "foretags_former" : "AB,BRF",
              "service_name" : "TEST"


This information must be obtained from Bolagsverket.

- Client certificate and password in p12 format to contact the web service

- Host IP (PAS server) allowance to contact the web service

- Organization number

- Organization name

- e-service (consumer) name