Valve for performing a person lookup against the Statens Personadressregister web service, SPAR.

This valve works on an item with a property containing the user's personnummer. After execution, the item is populated with new properties fetched from SPAR.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion.
keystore_path File path to p12 certificate file. Yes No
keystore_password Keystore (p12) password. Yes No
endpoint_url SPAR endpoint URL. Defaults to SPAR production endpoint url. No No
customer_nr_delivery_receiver Customer number for delivery receiver (kundnummer leveransmottagare). Yes No
customer_nr_end_customer Customer number for end customer (kundnummer slutkund). Yes No
mission_id Mission id (uppdragsID). Yes No
end_user_id End user id (slutanvändarID. organization_nr_end_customer No No
personnr_property_name Item property name containing the user's personnummer. Personnummer must be in format YYYYMMDDXXXX. Yes No
status_property_name Item property name that will be populated with the status of the lookup operation. spar_status No No

Example Configuration

  "name": "SPARLookupValve",
  "config": {
    "keystore_path": "/opt/PhenixID/Server/certs/spar/Kommun_A.p12",
    "keystore_password": "{enc}qBzUdV1OHq5K5wHZxnf3zOpzCsfQZSdrni6HyMfy4YGf6jQ2P9oQZNZbuHRlSpX6",
    "endpoint_url": "",
    "personnr_property_name": "personnr",
    "customer_nr_delivery_receiver": "500243",
    "customer_nr_end_customer": "500243",
    "mission_id": "637",
    "end_user_id": "WHATEVER"


This information must be obtained from SPAR.

- Client certificate in p12 format, with keystore password, to contact the web service

- Customer number for delivery receiver (kundummer leveransmottagare)

- Customer number for end customer (kundummer slutkund)

- Mission id (uppdragsID)

To order this functionality from SPAR, the name of the item is Personsökning