Valve for performing a person lookup against the Skatteverket web service, Navet.

This valve works on an item with a property containing the user's personnummer. After execution, the item is populated with new properties fetched from Navet.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion.
keystore_path File path to p12 certificate file.   Yes No
keystore_password Keystore (p12) password.   Yes No
endpoint_url Navet endpoint URL. Defaults to Navet production endpoint url. Yes No
org_nr Organization number.   Yes No
customer_id Customer ID   Yes No
personnr_property_name Item property name containing the user's personnummer. Personnummer must be in format YYYYMMDDXXXX.   Yes No
status_property_name Item property name that will be populated with the status of the lookup operation. navet_status No No

Example Configuration

        "name": "NavetLookupValve",
        "config": { 
           "keystore_path": "/opt/phenix/server/keys/navet.p12",
           "keystore_password" : "verysecret",
           "endpoint_url" : "",
           "org_nr" : "162021004748",
           "customer_id" : "00000079-FO01-0001",
           "personnr_property_name" : "serialNumber"


This information must be obtained from Skatteverket.

- Client certificate in p12 format to contact the web service

- Customer ID

- Organization number

To order this functionality from Skatteverket, the name of the item is Direktåtkomst (web services – e-persondata)