Valve for performing a person/organization lookup against Bolagsverket to fetch person roles for the organization.

This valve works on an item with a property containing the user's personnummer, a property containing a list of organization numbers and a property containing a list of organization type codes (företagsformer) for each organization number.

After execution, two new items will be created, populated with values fetched from Bolagsverket:
- organization_rollintyg_id (multivalue, list of rollintygsID)
- organization_firmatecknare (multivalue, list of firmatecknare)

This valve is normally used in combination (executed after) BolagsverketEngagemangLookupValve.

This valve is NOT shipped with the product. Please download and install first.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion.
keystore_path File path to p12 client certificate file. Yes No
keystore_password Keystore (p12) password. Yes No
endpoint_url Bolagetsverket endpoint URL. Defaults to Bolagsverket test environment endpoint url. No No
organization_nr_end_customer Organization number. Yes No
organization_display_name_end_customer Organization display name. Yes No
personnr_property_name Item property name containing the user's personnummer. Personnummer must be in format YYYYMMDDXXXX. Yes No
person_display_name_property_name Item property name containing the user's display name. Yes No
status_property_name Item property name that will be populated with the status of the lookup operation. bolagsverket_roll_status No No
service_name E-service (consumer) name. Yes
engagemang_organisationer_property_name Item property containing list of organizations. Yes
engagemang_organisationer_foretagsformer_property_name Item property containing list of organization type codes (företagsformer). Yes
proceed_on_error If the bolagsverket api call fails for some reason (for example, when a user lacks engagements), the pipe will continue executing. false No No

Example Configuration

				"name": "BolagsverketRollLookupValve",
				"config": {
					"keystore_path": "/opt/PhenixID/Server/4_3/keystore/bv.p12",
					"keystore_password": "abc123",
					"endpoint_url":          "",
					"personnr_property_name": "pnr",
					"person_display_name_property_name": "pname",
					"organization_display_name_end_customer": "X AB",
					"organization_nr_end_customer": "5569991010",
              "service_name" : "TEST",
              "engagemang_organisationer_property_name" : "organization_number",
              "engagemang_organisationer_foretagsformer_property_name" : "organization_type_code"


This information must be obtained from Bolagsverket.

- Client certificate and password in p12 format to contact the web service

- Host IP (PAS server) allowance to contact the web service

- Organization number

- Organization name

- e-service (consumer) name