Valve for performing a person lookup against the Skatteverket web service, Navet.

This valve works on an item with a property containing the user's personnummer. After execution, the item is populated with new properties fetched from Navet.

This valve is NOT shipped with the product. Please contact PhenixID Support for more information on how to download and install this valve.

Please note that Version 2 of the API, is no longer available, as such it's required to manually point the endpoint_url to the correct URL for V3 or V4.

More information can be found at.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion.
keystore_path File path to p12 certificate file.   Yes No
keystore_password Keystore (p12) password.   Yes No
endpoint_url Navet endpoint URL. Defaults to Navet production endpoint url. Yes No
org_nr Organization number.   Yes No
customer_id Customer ID   Yes No
personnr_property_name Item property name containing the user's personnummer. Personnummer must be in format YYYYMMDDXXXX.   Yes No
status_property_name Item property name that will be populated with the status of the lookup operation. navet_status No No

Example Configuration

        "name": "NavetLookupValve",
        "config": { 
           "keystore_path": "/opt/phenix/server/keys/navet.p12",
           "keystore_password" : "verysecret",
           "endpoint_url" : "",
           "org_nr" : "162021004748",
           "customer_id" : "00000079-FO01-0001",
           "personnr_property_name" : "serialNumber"


This information must be obtained from Skatteverket.

- Client certificate in p12 format to contact the web service

- Customer ID

- Organization number

To order this functionality from Skatteverket, the name of the item is Direktåtkomst (web services – e-persondata)