DEPRECATED! Use FrejaEIDAuthRequestValve instead.

Trigger Freja eID authentication. Used in the context of the HTTP API.

On successful execution a new property, 'frejaeidresponse', will be added to the first item in the list of items. If no item is found a new item is created with a randomized identifier.

Value of the 'frejaeidresponse' contains the entire response from Freja eID backend Base64 encoded.

Information regarding the data structure is found here:


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
userIdentifierAttribute What attribute is used as user identifiermidentifier, meaning user input. Allowed values are: PHONE, EMAIL, SSN, INFERRED, ORG_ID SSN No No
reqiredRegistrationLevel The minimun level of registrationg strenght. Allowed values are: BASIC, EXTENDED, PLUS EXTENDED No No
attributesToGet The attributes to return from Freja eID. For multilpe configuer as a list separated by comma. Allowed values are: BASIC_USER_INFO, EMAIL_ADDRESS, ALL_EMAIL_ADDRESSES, DATE_OF_BIRTH, ADDRESSES, SSN, ORG_ID, RELYING_PARTY_USER_ID, INTEGRATOR_SPECIFIC_USER_ID, CUSTOM_IDENTIFIER SSN No No
mode Configure what Freja eID backend service to talk to. Allowed values are:test_personal,production_personal,production_organisation,test_organisation production_personal No No
keyStore Id of the internal keyStore used encrypting the communication to Freja eID backend/td> Yes No

Example Configuration

    "name": "FrejaeIDStatusAuthenticateValve",
    "config": {
        "keyStoreId": "c5e0b707-a297-420e-a741-08d3e25df1be",
        "mode": "test_personal"


- Keystore (p12 format) file used to authenticate to Freja eID service stored on PhenixID Authentication Server.

- Enrolled Freja eID user

- The incoming request must contain "userIdentifier" & "country" when not using INFERRED as userIdentifierAttribute. Check Freja eID documentation for proper formating of the values.


This valve is not included in the default installation.  The attached ZIP file includes this valve along with any required dependencies.

Extract the zip and place the content under <installation_root>/mods/com.phenixidentity~phenix-