Populates the flow item with Freja eID authentication parameters based on session properties of personal number, email address, and phone number. If multiple userInfoTypes are possible, it will prioritize SSN > EMAIL > PHONE.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
mailPropertyName The sessions property name of the mail address mail No No
ssnPropertyName The sessions property name of the personal identification number pnr No No
phonePropertyName The sessions property name of the phone number mobile No No
registrationLevelOverride Used to override the minimum registration level used for the request. Possible values are BASIC, EXTENDED, and PLUS. EXTENDED No No
attributesToGetOverride Used to override the attributes to get from freja. Possible values are BASIC_USER_INFO,EMAIL_ADDRESS,ALL_EMAIL_ADDRESSES,DATE_OF_BIRTH,ADDRESSES,ORGANISATION_ID_IDENTIFIER,SSN BASIC_USER_INFO No No

Example Configuration

      "name" : "FrejaEIDCreateItemFromSessionValve",
      "config" : {
        "attributesToGetOverride": "BASIC_USER_INFO,SSN",