Valve for adding entries to an LDAP Directory.

Valve operates on the Current Item Set and will process all items surviving the common item filtering rules.

Attributes to add is specified using the ‘attributes’ configuration property.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
connection_ref Id of LDAP connection to use. Must refer to a connection of type LDAP. Yes No
item_id_pattern Regex pattern for item id's to perform operations on. Items with id's that doesnt match the regex will be filtered out. '.*' (include all items ) No No
attributes Attributes to add. Yes Yes
include_empty_attrs Flag controlling if empty attributes should be included. false No No

Example Configuration

    "name": "LDAPAddValve",
    "config": { 
        "attributes": "displayName,objectClass,givenName,sn,mail,mobile,cn,uid,businessCategory",


Item set must have at least one entry.

The id of the item has to be set to the distinguished name of the object to be created.