Adds consent data. The call must have been preceded by a successful OpenID Connect authentication. 


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
consent_data_rules Consent data information. Syntax: displayname:value:rule Yes Yes
separator Separator for: displayname:value:rule : Yes No

Example Configuration

  "name": "OIDCConsentDataValve",
  "enabled": "true",
  "config": {
     "consent_data_rules" : 
     "separator" : ":"


Supported rules:

  • mail : masks an email address ( p*******[email protected] )
  • firstn: masks first n characters of string. n is a number: first5
  • lastn: masks last n characters of a string. n is a number: last6
  • none: no masking


  • Session must be present in the flow. Loaded by prior execution.

General information