Extract information about signatures in PDF.

Valve operates on a single item.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
pdfSource PDF data to be validated. Yes Yes
trustStorePath File path to CA trust store. Signatures from certificates issued by these CAs will be trusted. Must be in JKS format. No No
trustStorePassword Trust store password. No No

Example Configuration

    "name": "PDFSignatureStatusValve",
    "enabled": "true",
    "config": {
         "pdfSource": "{{item.temporary}}"
         "trustStorePath": "C:/Program Files/PhenixID/SigningService/custom/trustedcas.jks",
			"trustStorePassword": "secret"

The valve will produce an item property, pdfreport, which contains a json object with the following json properties:

  • changedaftersigning - Flag indicating if the pdf was changed after signing (true/false)
  • signatures - array of object, one per signature, containing these properties:
    • who - Signer subject CN
    • when - Signing date-time
    • intact - Signing intact, ie correct (true/false)
    • trusted - Certificate used for signing issued from a trusted CA (true/false)


PhenixID Signing Service installed.