Create custom events in execution flow of a PIPE.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
severity Sverity marker in log file. Supported values are: INFO, WARN, FATAL and ERROR. INFO No No
eve_key Event key to use, see events list. Yes No
parameters Additional parameters. Syntax used is JSONArray with JSON object containing key and value: "parameters":[{"key":"value"}] Allowed event parameter keys are described below. No Yes - "value" supports expansion

Parameter keys

Event parameters used are based on the CEF standard.

Event parameter key name Description
dst Destination
dhost Host
dpt Port
duser UserID
destinationServiceName Service name
proto Protocol
request Request URL
requestClientApplication Client application
requestCookies Request cookie
requestMethod Request method
src Source
shost Source host
spt Source port
suser Source user
msg Message
phenixIDIdentifier Identifier
phenixIDTenantId Tenant
phenixIDSessionId Session id
phenixIDx509Subject Subject
phenixIDx509Issuer Issuer
phenixIDx509Thumbprint Thumbprint
hwTokenId Token id
phenixIDExpiry Expiry

Example Configuration

    "name": "EventValve",
    "config": {
        "event_key": "EVT_000052",
        "parameters": [
              "parameter": "requestMethod",
              "value": "Client certificate - SITHS"
              "parameter": "duser",
              "value": "{{item.uid}}"
              "parameter": "destinationServiceName",
              "value": "{{item.issuer}}"
              "parameter": "proto",
              "value": "SAML"