Linux in a virtual environment

This article describes how to enable the option in PhenixID Server installed on Linux OS.

The reader should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID Server.


Linux installations of PhenixID Server can sometimes act a bit slow in virtual environments.

You might also see the following in server.log:

Failed to generate a seed from SecureRandom within 3 seconds. Not enough entropy?

There is an option to set this parameter during installation. If it wasn't set then and server is in virtual environment, please follow the instructions below.


We will make changes to the file located in <PhenixID Server installationdirectory>/bin, so please make a backup of this file before going any further.

After backup, please edit <PhenixID Server installationdirectory>/bin/ and locate the following line:


Unmark this line by removing the leading #, and restart the PhenixID service.