Orchestration technical instructions

Enable PhenixID server configuration http API

Use this instruction to enable the HTTP Configuration API.



Consuming the API

Before you start

Make sure you read this document before you start.

Make sure you understand the use case(s) to be solved.

API documentation

Use this instruction to consume the HTTP Configuration API using any orchestration tool of your choice.

Orchestration example

The attached file, playbook.zip, includes an orchestration example for the orchestration tool Ansible. The purpose of the example is to setup a configuration with an LDAP connection and a MyApps instance with username-password authentication against the LDAP store.


- playbook.yml is the main execution flow. Add, delete and change the variable values here to suite your environment

- secrets.yml contains password to be set. This file is encrypted. See comment in playbook.yml on how to encrypt/decrypt.


NB! This is only an example! Please create your own orchestration scripts based on your use cases and orchestration tools.