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Automatic import of trusted certificates to the Java truststore

This document describes how to automatically update the truststore used by JAVA with your own trusts placed in a local folder.

Please note that this feature was introduced in PAS 4.4.

System requirements

  • PAS version 4.4 or later


  1. Create a folder reachable for the PAS server where you will place your truststores, such as "PAS-INSTALLATION"\overlay\truststores
  2. Place your custom truststores in the newly created folder (PEM or plain b64, filename will be used as alias)
  3. Configure the java option -Dcom.phenixidentity.cacerts.dir and point it to your newly created directory, ex:
  4. Restart PAS service

This instruction will give you an example on how to add your java option to the PAS server.

Note: Destination truststore must be writable for the PAS-application.


At server startup, lines similar to these will be written to the server.log file

2022-05-25 16:11:06,114 [NodeVerticle]  INFO: Importing CA certs from: C:\Program Files\PhenixID\Server\overlay\truststores
2022-05-25 16:11:06,115 [NodeVerticle]  INFO: Importing CA certs to: c:\program files\phenixid\server\jre\lib\security\cacerts
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You will also note that the cacerts file is modified at each restart.