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Use an extra vmoptionsfile for additional java options

When PAS starts in a Windows environment it will read the phenixidservice.vmoptions file where java options are located.

Linux installations will read its java options from the

Java options might be things like for instance proxy settings as explained here.


The phenixidservice.vmoptions file and the script are located in the the /bin folder in the PAS installation folder. The /bin folder is replaced during the upgrade and as a result any custom java option will be lost.


Place a file with the name extraoptions.vmoptions in the /config folder. This file will remain untouched during upgrades.

The location of the extraoptions.vmoptions can be customized on a Windows installation by modifying -include-options in the phenixidservice.vmoptions file. This change will however be affected during upgrade as mentioned above. See below:

-include-options ..\config\extraoptions.vmoptions
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Default behavior since PAS 4.1.x on Windows.

Available on Linux from PAS 4.6.x.