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Use an extra vmoptionsfile for additional java options

When PAS starts in a Windows environment it will read the phenixidservice.vmoptions file where java options are located.

Java options might be things like for instance proxy settings as explained here.


The phenixidservice.vmoptions file is located in the the /bin folder in the PAS installation folder. The /bin folder is replaced during the upgrade and as a result the custom java option will be lost.


Custom java options can be placed in an external vmoptions-file in order to avoid the problem of custom java options being lost.

Include the following line to the phenixidservice.vmoptions file:

-include-options ..\config\extraoptions.vmoptions
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This will make PAS look for a file called extraoptions.vmoptions, located in the /config folder. This will be the default setting starting with version 4.1.x.

This file will be untouched during upgrades.

The service will still work if the extraoptions.vmoptions file is missing.