Whats new in 6.0?

Auth and sign on this device

To open the bankId applikation on this device autostart will be mandatory, this feature is not new to v6.0 and as before it is triggered by accessing an url with the autoStartToken

Auth and sign on other device

The big change coming in v6.0 is bankId will no longer accept personalNumber to trigger start of authentication or sign. To authenticate on another device the animated Qr-code will be required, this is not new to v6.0. To allow for certain use cases where communication with the user is on the phone a new endpoint have been added see below.


To allow for certain use cases where authentication needs to be triggered remotely a new endpoint hav been added. The /phone/auth endpoint takes two attributes, callInitiator and personalNumber and lets the user sign or identify themself to the relying party. This solution is very similar to earlier versions of the api where auth was triggered by adding personalNumber.


As before the requirements parameter allows the relying party to describe how a signature or authentication must be created and verified. However in 6.0 some attributes have been removed or renamed and some have been added. 

Name Description Default value version
pinCode New in v6.0. Users are required to sign the transaction with their PIN code, even if they have biometrics activated. false v6.0
allowFingerprint Removed in v6.0. see pinCode. true for authentication. false for signing. v5.1
mrtd renamed from mrtdRequired in v6.0. Boolean. If present, and set to "true", the client needs to provide MRTD (Machine readable travel document) information to complete the order. Only Swedish passports and national ID cards are supported. false v6.0
certificatePolicies The oid in certificate policies in the user certificate. List of String. N/A v6.0 and v5.1
issuerCn Removed in V6.0. The cn (common name) of the issuer. List of String. N/A v5.1
cardReader "class1" or "class2 determines that a cardReader must be used and a Pin code must be entered. See BankID documentation for further information. no cardReader is required v6.0 and v5.1