Filtering applications in MyApps


Filtering out applications, based on who is logging in, can be done by manually changing the configuration through the advanced view.

Please make sure to have a recent copy of the file phenix-store.json before doing any changes.


Myapps configured through guide and running on version 3.0 or later.

The incoming assertion MUST contain the value "roles" as attribute. 


Create a valve for filtering

In the Configuration Manager, click the Advanced tab and find "Pipe valves" in the end of the list.

Add the following valve.

	"name": "ItemRemoveValve",
	"id": "appsfiltering",
	"enabled": "true",
	"config": {
		"item_include_expr": "item.containsProperty('requires_role') && item.getPropertyValue('requires_role') !== '' && !session.isUserInRole(item.getPropertyValue('requires_role'))"
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Update the Pipe providing list of applications

Now go to "Pipes" and locate the pipe with the alias myappsLookUpPipe. Insert the new valve reference in the valve_refs list, as valve number 5 from the end. Like this example:

	"valve_refs": "ec07d7ca-bb2e-4420-883a-d9b148d6c1fe,6f1c5c0d-479f-49b6-9274-348da7047fbc,552ac3d4-0ae7-40b9-a4fd-f16db92e9a1c,9693ab6f-f1c4-4454-a038-707ffe82ef43,appsfiltering,1f1dcc29-cee4-4c5a-a5f4-8a38629579df,ac32d0aa-c326-47c9-a556-fab1988e6836,02f8aab9-3a34-4316-9791-b42062aa801d,232d4a2f-5f66-4a9f-8a76-dcc307065acf"
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Configure filtering

Locate the app valve you wish to apply filtering to.

In the config section add a requires_role attribute and set value to a corresponding "roles" value in the incoming assertion. 

Example rom Advanced tab:

	"name": "CreateApplicationValve",
	"config": {
		"id": "1",
		"title": "PhenixID Home",
		"information": "PhenixID on the web",
		"URL": "",
		"requires_role": "anders"
	"id": "d4992af7-ab3e-4ade-b3d9-4cce5140cac1",
	"guide_ref": "b7219541-c19c-4aaf-9f27-96fc3dcf6412",
	"pipe_ref": "1e31da53-15f6-4673-b930-fec30bfdc9b1",
	"created": "2020-06-03T08:56:14.299Z",
	"modified": "2020-06-03T09:45:53.058Z"
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Example from Scenarios/Applications/MyApps: