How to change the URL to redirect to after logout

This document will describe how to change the URL to redirect to after logout. By default, the logout url will look like this:

This means that the browser will be redirected to /selfservice/ after logout. Following this document, you can change the nextTarget parameter.

The reader of this PSD should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID platform.

From version 3.3 and later multiple targets are allowed using , as delimiter:,/mfaadmin

System requirements

  • PhenixID Authentication Server installed.
  • One or more PhenixID web applications configured:
    • Self Service
    • MFA Admin
    • MyApps
    • Signing client


  1. Login to Configuration Manager
  2. Click the Advanced tab
  3. Click on Modules
  4. Locate the prism root module for the web application. In this example, we use self-service.
  5. Add the url using the logoff_uri parameter.
		"name": "com.phenixidentity~phenix-prism",
		"enabled": "true",
		"config": {
			"base_url": "/selfservice",
			"auth_redirect_url": "/authenticate/selfservice",
			"http_configuration_ref": "441b0aad-534e-4cad-8151-130955913c08",
			"module_refs": "c18b9407-5b2a-4d53-ad48-a5ef8074bf62",
			"logoff_uri" : ""
		"guide_ref": "b410d542-c99e-4021-be05-7e7eda29e3ba",
		"guide_id": "guides.selfservice",
		"created": "2017-07-03T14:36:44.182Z",
		"id": "38b31471-436a-47ab-912f-fde88adf807e"