How to change root URL redirect target

When a user browse to the PhenixID Authentication Services root URL, ie https://<phenixid_server>:port, the browser is redirected to the target /config. This article describes how to change the target. 


Backup the file <phenixid_server_root>/config/boot.json

Change target

- Open <phenixid_server_root>/config/boot.json

- Locate the root_uri parameter

- Change the root_uri to the desired value

- Save the file

- Restart PhenixID Authentication Services


Example boot.json extract

In this example, the user will be redirected to https://<phenixid_server>:port/selfservice when addressing https://<phenixid_server>:port

            "name": "com.phenixidentity~auth-http",
            "enabled": "true",
            "config": {
                "root_uri": "/selfservice",