SAML - Add metadata with colliding EntityID

This document describes how to add metadata to PAS when the content of the metadata to upload contains a colliding EntityID.

The reader of this document should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID Server.

We will make changes to phenix-store.json, so make sure to have a recent  copy/backup of this file.


PAS will by default perform a few checks to verify the integrity of the metadata when using the metadata upload scenario. One of the checks is  to verify that the EntityID does not exists in the configuration.

This could however be a valid use case in aggregated federations, such as Skolfederation, SAMBI, SWAMID, eIDAS etc. 

These instructions can also be followed for internal federations in PAS.

Add metadata

1: Locate the url for the metadata you would like to add to PAS.

2: Go to Advanced tab in Configuration Manager and click the pen next to SAML 2 meta loading.

3: Add the following json object and update the content to match what was fetched in the first step.

  "id": "Metadata-for-XYZ",
  "name": "Friendly name for Metadata XYZ",
  "description": "The description is not mandatory",
  "url": ""
Click to copy

4: Stage and commit.