Change expiration time of PhenixID Pocket Pass

This document is written for PhenixID Server.

The reader should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID Server.

We will make changes to the configuration. Please make sure to have a recent backup of phenix-store.json


This document describes how to change the default expiration date for PhenixID Pocket Pass profiles. 

NOTE: This only applies to the /activatepocketpass portal. For mfaadmin and selfservice this can be set in the Scenario.


- Login to configuration gui

- Go to the advanced tab and locate modules.

- Locate the module named com.phenixidentity~phenix-prism-enroll-oath

- Add the following parameter in the config block "token_validity_days".

And set the value according to your requirements. Default is 365 days.


		"name": "com.phenixidentity~phenix-prism-enroll-oath",
		"enabled": "false",
		"prism_enabled": "true",
		"config": {
			"display_name": "guides.enrolloath.title",
			"base_uri": "oath",
			"http_configuration_ref": "e1342869-d6d9-49ff-ae06-757f61badb40",
			"requires_role": "auth:78b34277-a5e4-4bad-b111-4bd322e46ac2",
			"token_allow_multiple": "true",
			"token_max_count": "",
			"token_pin": "true",
			"token_type": "TOTP",
			"token_algorithm": "SHA-1",
			"token_digits": "6",
			"token_issuer": "PhenixID",
			"token_period": "30",
			"token_counter": "0",
			"token_epoch": "0",
 			"token_validity_days": "730"
		"id": "b4cdaf57-42c7-4cbc-93e7-50cb9b8411eb"
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This will make the PhenixID Pocket Pass profile expire in 730 days after activation.